Violin Plot

Here you will find the guide to every parameter of the violin plot. If you need more generic information please the DataPlotly Basic Usage.


Plot Properties

Layer: the combobox will display all the vector layers loaded in QGIS

Grouping Field (Optional): the grouping field. If no field is added, a generic violin plot for the Y value will be displayed

Y Field: the Y field

Marker Color: color of the violin

Stroke Color: border color

Stroke Width: the width of the border

Transparency: transparency level of the violin

Plot Customizations

Show Legend: show the legend of the current plot

Horizontal Legend: check if you want to have an horizontal legend

Plot Title: the plot title

Legend Title: the title of the legend

X Label: X label text

Y Label: Y Label text

Box Orientation: the orientation of the violin, either Horizontal or Vertical

Outliers: show also the outliers (or all the points) next to the box. Some example in the following picture:


Violin side: if the violin plot should be both sides, only right or only left

Show Mean Line: uncheck to not show a line corresponding to the mean