Bar Plot

Here you will find the guide to every parameter of the bar plot. If you need more generic information please see DataPlotly Basic Usage.


Plot Properties

Layer: the combobox will display all the vector layers loaded in QGIS

X: the X field

Y Field: the Y field

Bar Color: color of the bar

Data Defined Override: you can add an Expression to define the size of the marker. If activated other options are available: Color Scale, Visible and Invert Color.

Stroke Color: border color

Stroke Width: the width of the border

Transparency: transparency level of the bar

Plot Customizations

Show Legend: show the legend of the current plot

Horizontal Legend: check if you want to have an horizontal legend

Plot Title: the plot title

Legend Title: the title of the legend

X Label: X label text

Y Label: Y label text

Invert X Axis: check if you want to invert the ordering of the x axis

Invert Y Axis: check if you want to invert the ordering of the y axis

Bar Orientation: the orientation of the bar, either Horizontal or Vertical

Bar Mode: this option is handy if you have more data to plot:

  1. Grouped: the bars are placed one next the other
  1. Stacked: bars are stacked one over the other
  1. Overlay: bars can be overlayed. Adjust the Transparecy setting