Here you will find the guide to every parameter of the histogram. If you need more generic information please see DataPlotly Basic Usage.


Plot Properties

Layer: the combobox will display all the vector layers loaded in QGIS

X: the values in this field will be binned and the count in each bin will be represented as the length of the bars

Marker Color: the color of the bars. To use different colors for individual bars, enter an expression that returns an array of color definition strings with as many elements as there are bars

For example


or, to use colors from a color ramp

  generate_series(0, 7),
  ramp_color( 'Blues', @element/7)

Stroke Color: border color

Stroke Width: the width of the border

Transparency: transparency level of the bar

Plot Customizations

Show Legend: show the legend of the current plot

Horizontal Legend: check if you want to have an horizontal legend

Plot Title: the plot title

Legend Title: the title of the legend

X Label: X label text

Invert X Axis: check if you want to invert the ordering of the x axis

Invert Y Axis: check if you want to invert the ordering of the y axis

Bar Orientation: the orientation of the bar, either Horizontal or Vertical

Bar Mode: choose if you want to group, stack or overlay the data

Normalization: different type of bins calculations are available

Cumulative Histogram: check if you want to create a cumulative histogram

Invert Histogram Direction: check if you want to invert the histogram direction (only if cumulative option is chosen)

Choose manually the bins: check if want to choose manually the bins number and add a numeric value in the box


Bar gap: choose the space between the gaps, from 0 (no space) to 1 (maximum space)