DataPlotly as Processing provider

From version 1.4 DataPlotly has been added as Processing provider thank to the work of Michaël Douchin of 3Liz.

This opens the doors to infinite possibilities:

  • using all the Processing methods with DataPlotly
  • creating batch plots with one click
  • adding DataPlotly in the Processing Graphical Modeler

Activating DataPlotly for Processing

First thing to do is activating Processing and add DataPlotly as provider. If not added by default you can go in Settings -> Options and click on the last tab named Processing.

Expand the Provider menu and activate the DataPlotly provider:


And then you will see the DataPltoly provider in the Processing Toolbox:


Simple DataPlotly usage

The Build a generic plot algorithm is a simplified version of DataPlotly plugin: this means you don’t have all the customizations available, but still you can create awesome plots.

The interface is very simple and the plot creation process is very straightforward:

  • choose the layer
  • choose the plot type
  • adjust the additional options (plot title, X axis, Y axis and color)

DataPlotly will create 2 results:

  • html file with the final plot
  • json file with all the plot specifications

The plot can be opened in the Processing -> Result Viewer:


And by simple double clicking on the menu entry, the plot will be opened in your default browser:


If you want to save also the json file, you have to specify the path in the DataPlotly Processing Window.